Women of WORK + SHELTER in Delhi.

Women of WORK + SHELTER in Delhi.

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These collectable stuffed animals are a collaborative product of multiple minds and disciplines: a designer, conservation biologist and tailoring shop came together to create fun, nature-lovin', fair traded, stuffed animals.

The drive behind this project was based on the need for more environmentally friendly, educational toys, and to support mainly women in Northern India in search of  financial assistance and independence. All our characters include a tag with information on the lives of the threatened species (on which we base our characters), including recent scientific discoveries, unexpected facts, and the roles of these animals in nature.


We've traveled all over India to find the awesomest collaborators, and finally came upon WORK + SHELTER, a Delhi based safe house and 2 year training program for women who receive fair wages for their work. 


We're constantly searching for the highest quality, natural materials. Currently all characters are made with a cotton/linen blend shell, and are either filled with cotton, wool or a biodegradable polyfill.